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easyedge IoT technology 


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IoT edge platform

The easiest way to connect devices to IoT applications

The easyedge is an IoT Edge platform that deeply reduces the complexity and cost of using and managing devices in applications, enabling developers to deploy their IoT solutions extremely easy and fast, facilitating IT/OT convergence. 


Reasons why easyedge is your best choice...

no code

Connect field devices right away without writing a single line of code.


Intuitive Dataflow (drag & drop) design for data orchestration.

less time, more profit

Minimize engineering resources, decrease costs, speed up deployment.

easy setup

User-friendly cloud platform to configure your systems in few minutes.

connector builder 

Connect field devices right away without writing a single line of code.

edge intelligence

Powerful rules engine that works locally without relying on cloud communications.

runs anywhere

Ultra lightweight software that runs in (virtually) any hardware architecture.


Highest standards encryption ensuring integrity

(non-repudiation principle).


partners​ with us

Our market positioning is as an iot edge middleware company, operating from a B2B perspective, privileging strategic partnerships.


It is with great satisfaction that we say that our partners are our clients and our clients are our partners.

what people say

"ABB Ability™ is our unified, cross-industry digital offering that enable our customers to know more, do more, do better, together. Thanks to our digital services and multi segment expertise, ABB Ability™ solutions turns insights into the direct action that "closes the loop" and generates customer value in the physical world. The platform empowers our ABB Ability™ digital solutions with great IoT Edge capabilities, which includes a vast library of southbound connectors, allowing us to dramatically reduce engineering costs and time in our IoT projects, both in greenfield and brownfield. We are really glad to write the digital future. Together."

Pau Masgrau Fortuny

Market Development Manager

IIoT & Industry 4.0 - ABB Ability™