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Zaragoza’s Smart City project

ABB choose Domatica IoT Technology to be part of the solution for Zaragoza’s Smart City project

The city of Zaragoza, the capital of Aragon, Spain, has become a leader among the world’s metropolitan centers in embracing digital technology, and ABB is helping the city achieve its digital vision.

To accomplish this goal, ABB as choose Domatica IoT Technology to complement Smart Building and Smart Energy products.

For Domatica the main challenge was to assure the municipality that they could keep all the electronic equipment they had already installed across the city. In addition, Domatica would have many small monitoring and control points in remote locations, for which it would have to find an economically sustainable solution. On top of it, it was necessary to concentrate all the control and monitoring of the city in a central point, with an aggregated visualization application, but also allowing interfacing through API with other already existing applications and services.

The project required Domatica development of a new IoT Gateway with support for a variety of interfaces, such as RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wifi, GSM modem, LoRaWAN, and analog inputs/outputs to allow dealing with the physical layer of all the field devices essential to the project.

The use of LoRaWAN was crucial for allowing economically sustainable monitoring for the many points remotely spread throughout the city.

EasyEdge, Domatica technology, also was used to allow seamless connectivity to all this array of field devices, avoiding the huge engineering time and cost usually spent on brownfield projects. And finally, on the cloud, at the topper EasyEdge layer, was delivered all the information and control power to the several applications and services, including the Domatica IoT Cube.

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