use cases


The industry context is an important example of the application of the easyedge IoT Edge Platform. In the industrial environment is very common to find different technologies and protocols communicating with each other in an interoperable environment. However, maintaining this ecosystem is often a difficult and expensive challenge, especially when it comprises integrating PROFINET systems. PROFINET is an industry technical standard for data communication over Industrial Ethernet, designed for collecting data from, and controlling, equipment in industrial systems, and is also one of the standards compatible with the easyedge technology.

In the context of an industrial organization with multiple plants, each one with different production lines, the easyedge can be used as the information concentrator of each plant or even across multiple plants, without having to change any local system previously installed. It can be used as an upper layer that integrates different types of information such as PROFINET data from each production line, energy consumption, number of units produced, etc. The proliferation of best practices and deployment of the same business rules across multiple production lines using PROFINET is another application of the easyedge technology.

In other words, the easyedge technology can control and aggregate all the information needed to manage a complete industrial organization without changing the organization’s systems.




In the context of the given example, the EdgeNode would be connected to the PROFINET network to listen the PROFINET traffic and aggregate it through the EdgeBroker. For each production line, an EdgeNode would be installed and configured (through easyedge cloud platform) according to the hardware setup of the production line (e.g. SIEMENS ET200SP).