No-Code Solution for Industrial IoT Connectivity
The most comprehensive software for

IoT Edge Gateways with brownfield in mind

What is

Why Industrial IoT needs

Because Industrial IoT needs gateways and software to assure field equipment connectivity.

Changes in industrial environments are very complex due to the risk of something going wrong and causing severe or even irreparable damage. That is why, even imagining that one day a consensus will arise for connecting each industrial equipment directly to the cloud, without going through an IoT gateway, taking into account the very slow cycle for industrial equipment renewal, we do not expect it to happen for most of the huge installed base before two or three decades. Operating Technology (OT) companies are well aware of this reality, while most Information Technology (IT) companies tend to overlook it. is software for IoT Gateways to streamline connectivity between field equipment and applications. was designed from the ground up with the brownfield in mind and aiming to integrate into any platform or application, whether in the cloud or on-premise. It offers the most comprehensive multi-protocol library for non-consumer field equipment, with thousands of equipment profiles from hundreds of manufacturers, enabling fast project deployments.

Apart from bidirectional data transactions between field equipment and applications, which are transparently translated by several layers into the native format of each end, there is also an API collection called Bedrock which allows embedding all features on any platform or application. natively includes Studio, which is a no-code project design application, which allows you to create, configure and deploy projects, either locally or remotely, without having to write a line of code.


It is an extremely powerful solution, but as is able to run on lightweight devices, it is also very suitable for mass projects that require lower hardware costs.

easyedge - tree of architecture concept

The ultimate solution for Industrial IoT connectivity


Who is it for?

Our value for each type of partner.

Platform Providers

Cloud Platform Providers usually have an IoT offer and, although not so common, they may also have some support for the connectivity of field equipment, providing frameworks with some communication protocols. However, even in these cases, without having an equipment profile library, the setup of conventional equipment for IoT solutions requires a lot of engineering, which is time-consuming and especially prone to human error.With the market's most comprehensive library of equipment profiles would allow you to instantly exchange information with virtually any field equipment, resulting in a dramatic cost and time reduction on all your IoT projects. And since it is fully embeddable in your platform, it would be transparent to your customers. 

Solution Providers

Companies that offer or want to offer vertical IoT solutions to the market naturally focus on creating value for their customers, but sometimes, without realizing the complexity of field equipment connectivity, they end up in a time-consuming trap, putting project delivery at risk.
With, you can finally focus on what matters to your business. It is fully embeddable in your application and transparent to your customers. Having the most comprehensive equipment profile library on the market, it allows you to instantly put data from virtually any field equipment into your application, resulting in a dramatic reduction in cost and time on all your IoT projects.

IT Hardware Manufacturers

IT companies, especially network equipment manufacturers, such as routers, switches, and gateways, are in a privileged position to rule IoT Edge. However, not being field equipment manufacturers, every project is brownfield, and that's today's major obstacle to industrial digital transformation.

With the market's most comprehensive library of equipment profiles and countless options for applications and platforms connectivity, would empower your IoT Gateways, leapfrogging your positioning at the IoT Edge market and, above all, offering your customers a unique tool to overcome the challenges imposed by the ever-present brownfield.

Additionally, since can be customized with your brand, your business will always be protected

OT Hardware Manufacturers

OT companies are inextricably linked to the industrial sector. This solid relationship led to a huge installed base and very deep knowledge. However, all those years innovating have also ended in a tangle of installed technology with several protocols of many models and brands. The so-called Brownfield turned into today's major obstacle to industrial digital transformation. offers you the most comprehensive equipment profile library allows you, in just a few clicks (or a few API calls, if is embedded in your solution), to place the data from field equipment on the cloud or in a local application. substantially mitigates the Brownfield effects, resulting in a dramatic reduction of cost and time in all your IoT project implementations.

System Integrators

Integrators deeply feel the complexity of delivering IoT functional systems using a large diversity of software and countless field sensors and actuators. This invariably requires a great deal of engineering time, dramatically reducing value perception by customers, making many projects unfeasible.
But it doesn't have to be that way, could be your best ally to overcome that problem, collecting, processing and delivering the information, regardless of the equipment or data source and the application or cloud platform. It's a real IoT Edge Hub.
With the market's most comprehensive library of equipment profiles and countless options for applications and platforms connectivity, it allows you to instantly insert data from virtually any field equipment into virtually any application, resulting in a dramatic cost and time reduction on all your IoT projects.

Telecommunications Operators

In the non-consumer IoT market, customers need more than just communication services, since usually, when they venture into projects without the proper tools for collecting data from field equipment, they fail to deliver. 
Once telcos already offer IoT communication services, it would be natural to add the field devices connectivity layer, making it much easier for your customers to easily execute IoT projects.
Additionally, since can be customized with your brand, or even fully incorporated into an existing IoT Platform/Marketplace, your business would always be protected. 

What products do we sell? Products

IoT Edge Gateways Software Quantum is software for IoT Edge Gateways to streamline connectivity between field equipment and applications.

Depending on the partner's need, the Quantum installation can be carried out from the production time, in an automated manner at the gateways plant, to the project implementation time at the end customer's facilities. Quantum is provided both in digital support (downloaded from the and in physical support (SD Card or other). 


Typically the format for the Quantum deliverable package is a containerized solution, such as Dockers or Kubernetes, but some minor devices may require a different deliverable package, such direct installation in its file system or even an installation package which also includes the operating system. Any of these is possible.

After Quantum is installed at a gateway, the deployment of projects can be done in a very easy and friendly way, either locally or remotely.

Solution Management Software Director is essential for partners and for their customers who need to manage scattered systems. Director can be instantiated in a chain, where a partner can create a Director for their customers so that they can perform remote deployments and manage efficiently their Quantum’s and all its resources, such as their projects, users, contents, etc.. Director installation can be done in the cloud (public or private) or on-premises, regardless of the service provider (Azure, AWS, Google, Alibaba, bare metal datacenter, etc.).


Typically the format for the Director deliverable package is a containerized solution, such as Dockers or Kubernetes. Director contains an advanced version of BackOffice, which includes a broader scope of management features. 
The Runtime on the Director perform the optional function of broker, when your projects demand data aggregation before delivering it to the application layer.

What does it contain?

These are the software components that make up our product.

Full-featured API Collection Bedrock is a complete API collection that allows you to securely incorporate all features on platforms or applications.

No-Code Project Studio Application Studio offers a very productive and friendly user experience. It is possible to implement a real project in just a few minutes. Certainly a remarkable tool for integrators, but that also allows us to glimpse the resources offered by Bedrock for incorporating in platforms and applications, since the Studio uses exclusively its APIs.

Add a field device in seconds

More than protocols, offers the most comprehensive library for Industrial IoT, with thousands of field devices from hundreds of manufacturers, enabling fast project deployments.

Place data from field devices wherever you want, quickly and easily

The "Applications" module offers unique flexibility for connecting IoT platforms, applications or services, easing the northbound connectivity and delivering instant data model abstraction. It automatically binds every field device property to the digital twin, directly or through transformation blocks, depending on the data model template.

Truly No-Code, but total flexibility and power in creating rules

The "Dataflow" module allows easily creating rules, alarms, triggers, and field devices interoperability routines simply by dragging and dropping blocks and wiring them together.
The code generated from those blocks and wires is then compiled to a hardware-agnostic bytecode and sent to run on the edge.

Multiple locations deployment in a

single click

Deploy your projects without delay to multiple locations simultaneously.

Global management to support the operation BackOffice is the Administration Module which offers maximum simplicity in global management to support the operation. It allows content management such CodeBlocks, Protocols and Equipment Profile library,  user management with very flexible permission rules, asset management, allowing remote IoT Gateway installations and updates and, as well, the global and detailed visibility over consumed resources, allowing full control over all spendings.

Asset Manager

It is where the nodes of the IoT network are created and edited, where OTA updates are made, status reports, problem diagnosis, replacement of gateways and all operations related to assets.


It is where the costs of all resources used on the platform are monitored in detail. It is also here that cost control rules are created so that there are no surprises at the end of each billing cycle.

Content Manager

Allows adding and managing content, such as Gateway Profiles, Protocols, Field Equipment Profiles, Application Connectors, Code Blocks, etc.


It is where users are created, edited and removed, as well as the management of their access levels and privileges.

Heavy-duty operational layers working in unison Runtime is the operational core of This is where real-time edge processing, field equipment translations, data equalization, alarm detection, KPI calculations, and application layer synchronization take place. It has the form of an ultra-light software layer designed to run on any computing equipment (such as IoT Gateways, routers, switches, etc.) regardless of the architecture (MIPS, PPC, ARM, x86_32, x86_64, etc.), allowing edge computing, unlimited connectivity, and interoperability. Our Connector Engine technology, which works for both Southbound and Northbound, is capable of connecting any field equipment, regardless of the protocol (Modbus, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, KNX, BACnet, etc.) to any service or application, regardless of its APIs or protocols.

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