No-Code Solution for Industrial IoT Connectivity
The most comprehensive software for

IoT Edge Gateways with brownfield in mind


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The easiest way to connect devices to IoT applications

IoT is growing very fast, generating huge volumes of data, pushing the Cloud to its limits, whether in bandwidth, number of requests, response times or even processing capacity. Edge Computing is the solution when you need to ensure critical actions and processes, bringing intelligence close to where things are and actions take place.


easyedge is an IoT Edge platform that deeply reduces the complexity and cost of using and managing devices in applications, enabling developers to deploy their IoT solutions extremely easy and fast, facilitating IT/OT convergence.


easyedge enables the implementation of highly scalable IoT solutions, especially in the professional and industrial segments, with high flexibility and simplicity, saving time and resources, improving services and increasing productivity.

tree architecture concept

easyedge - tree of architecture concept

The most comprehensive software for

IoT Edge Gateways with brownfield in mind


easyedge is a middleware that highly simplifies the creation of IoT solutions, using Edge technology. As the name implies it aims to be extremely easy to use making it possible to create very complex projects in a few clicks without having to write a single line of code. For that, it includes a vast library of components (Connector Engines, Connectors, and CodeBlocks) ready to use.

easyedge has two technological pieces, EdgeBroker in the north and EdgeNode in the south. Together they form a robust, secure and flexible Edge solution.

EdgeBroker allows unlimited connectivity through our Connector Engine technology, being able to connect any type of service or application, either through standard or proprietary protocols (Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Amazon AWS IoT, ABB Ability, Siemens MindSphere, IBM Cloud, etc.).

EdgeNode is an ultralight software layer meant to run on any type of Edge equipment (IoT Gateways, Routers, Switches, etc.) regardless of architecture (ARM, MIPS, X86_32, X86_64, PPC, etc.) providing Edge Computing capabilities (local processing). It uses the same Connector Engine technology as EdgeBroker, allowing connectivity and interoperability to any device, regardless of protocol (Modbus, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, KNX, BACnet, etc.).


use cases


  • M2M/IoT communications

  • Indoor climate management

  • Production optimization

  • Resources management

  • Logistics management

  • Maintenance optimization

Building Automation

  • Access and lighting control

  • Energy management

  • Indoor climate management

  • Multiple standards connectivity

  • Real-time alerts

  • Automated daily routines

Smart Cities

  • Resources Management

  • Smart Grid

  • Smart Parking

  • Traffic Management

  • Street Lighting Management

  • EV Charging Management

Energy Management

  • Load management

  • Energy quality management

  • Batteries management

  • Renewable energy management

  • Genset management

  • Remote reset management


  • Crop Management

  • Irrigation Management

  • Livestock Welfare Management

  • Resources Management

  • Environmental Management

  • Remote Devices Management

Transport & Logistics

  • Fleet Management

  • Quality of Shipment Conditions

  • Assets Location

  • Cargo Management

  • In-Vehicle Monitoring

Digital HealthCare

  • Fall Detection

  • Patients Surveillance

  • Medical Fridges

  • Medicine Dispensers

  • Security Surveillance

  • Hospital Asset Management


  • Green Spaces Management

  • Waste Collection Management

  • Water Quality Management

  • Air Pollution Management

  • Forest Fire Detection

  • Snow Level Monitoring

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