About IoT Ready

The IoT Ready value proposition has its basic principles to allow manufacturers to innovate their standard products with a very short time-to-market, increase sales, attract new customers, develop new business models with new services and revenue formats, generate value for their partners and customers, and position themselves at the forefront of innovation.

Start now however you want! 

IoT Ready Pay as you Go 

The Pay as you Go business model aims to facilitate the implementation of IoT Ready projects, from testing the market to scaling your business according to the market needs, through a sustainable investment.

  • Get started with ease with our "Pay-as-you-Go" business model. 

  • For large projects please contact us to analyse the business model that best suits you.

Direct Benefits - IoT Ready 

  • Positioning as an innovative company

  • Development of new business models and revenue channel

  • Product and Services innovation 

  • Upsell to current customer base

  • Attracting new customers

  • Economy of means and processes

  • Flexible and sustainable investment

  • Short Time-to-Market

Competitive Advantages and Technology

IoT Business 

Specialization in business development based on IoT solutions focused on return of investment.

IoT Hardware & 
Engineering Services

Deep experience in developing custom IoT Gateways with multiprotocol and Engineering services.

IoT edge platform

Robust IoT edge platform for integrating data from any device to any application.


IoT Ready Application

Cloud platform for remote monitoring and control with custom dashboards

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