use cases



Whether in a single house or in a corporate plant, the demand for comfort, security and energy efficiency is becoming increasingly relevant. Nowadays buildings are integrated with different subsystems operated locally that combine sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.) and actuators (to control shutters, lighting, HVAC, irrigation systems, doors, etc.) Most of the buildings already have metering solutions for energy, water and gas consumption.

Usually, this ecosystem requires huge design and installation effort to integrate all local systems into a centralized building management solution.

The easyedge technology enables by design the integration of different local systems into an integrated solution adding high flexibility and scalability to existing or new KNX systems.




A simple connection to the Internet router allows you to communicate with KNX installations through a KNX IP Tunneling. The KNX systems configuration is easy and just requires importing the ETS project file (ETS3, ETS4 and ETS5) to the EdgeNode component taking advantage of all selectable KNX group addresses.